Monday, 4 July 2011

Pathologist Says "Banning Asbestos is Ridiculous"

Wanting to get the views of an experienced pathologist who has personally performed over 1100 autopsies, 3 of which were Mesotehlioma I was extremely surprised by his reaction and lack of support for campaigns and issues relating to the ban of asbestos. I mentioned that I was trying to raise awareness on various issues relating to asbestos and asked whether he sympathised with the cause.

He replied:

"Banning asbestos is ridiculous, and you can quote better authorities than me.  It is dangerous when, and only when, it is likely to be inhaled.  This is like banning gasoline because people can get burned with it.  Good luck on your work for common sense."

On this note, I just wanted to post this picture:

and this unsettling picture:

True! To quote: "It is dangerous when, and only when, it is likely to be inhaled"

I'd like to ask this leading pathologist - how long is the woman above who is filtering asbestos fibres into easy to carry sacks supposed to hold her breath?

Will the workers in the picture below not suffer any side affewcts if they tie a permeable piece of cloth infront of their noses and mouths?

To say the the least - it astounded me how ill supportive a qualified and educated medical practitioner could be. To compare asbestos to gasoline is absurd!  I'd like to point out that the ban asbestos initiatives are set up to put pressure on the asbestos trade companies to be responsible. There possibly could never be a true ban on asbestos as it is prevalent in schools and construction sites worldwide. I believe the appeals and campaigns condoning a ban on asbestos are not wanting to erradicate it for good - but are wanting to create environments where people can live safely without hazard. Where the transportation of this mineral is extremely controlled and responsibilty is taken for those less fortunate in poor areas of the world.


A Plea To Canadians Exporting Asbestos

Economically  it doesn't make sense for the Canadian government to make too much fuss about the dangers of asbestos - Canada is a leading exporter of asbestos
. The dangers and initiatives to ban the export of asbestos seem to be 'brushed under the carpet'. In fact they actively promote the sale and distribution of this mineral to large parts of India and Pakistan. The state has been of accused , rightly or wrongly, of attempting to sabotage and put spanners in the works the UN Rotterdam Convention which aims to control, regulate and limit the hazardous chemical and pesticide trade industry.
95% of Canada's asbestos is exported to India. The substance is handled by desperately poor workers under severe conditions who inevitably suffer from extreme ill health from their occupation. It has been documented that over 100,000 workers come into contact with Chrysotile asbestos every day.