Monday, 4 July 2011

A Plea To Canadians Exporting Asbestos

Economically  it doesn't make sense for the Canadian government to make too much fuss about the dangers of asbestos - Canada is a leading exporter of asbestos
. The dangers and initiatives to ban the export of asbestos seem to be 'brushed under the carpet'. In fact they actively promote the sale and distribution of this mineral to large parts of India and Pakistan. The state has been of accused , rightly or wrongly, of attempting to sabotage and put spanners in the works the UN Rotterdam Convention which aims to control, regulate and limit the hazardous chemical and pesticide trade industry.
95% of Canada's asbestos is exported to India. The substance is handled by desperately poor workers under severe conditions who inevitably suffer from extreme ill health from their occupation. It has been documented that over 100,000 workers come into contact with Chrysotile asbestos every day. 

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